Career Advisory Services

Students having spent months in classroom sessions need that last mile support to step into the corporate world successfully. They may be aware of theories & models but completely unaware of the practicality of the same. They may be aware of their skill sets but completely unaware of their inherent strengths & weaknesses that will drive their careers. This lacuna that exists between a student’s knowledge of self & the art of harnessing it needs to be addressed by such services that help in streamlining their path towards a successful corporate career.

Career Advisory Services offered by Primordial Center of Excellence for all empaneled universities/ colleges / institutes provides these essential trainings that are imperative, prior to setting foot in any organization. Under Primordial Career Advisory Services students are put through many workshops & mentoring sessions that will make them better prepared to handle the challenges of corporate life. Students undergo soft skills & business etiquette training, which teach them the nuances of behaving professionally in a corporate setup. To get a better insight into operational aspects of a company, students are taken for industry visits and also put through various corporate seminars & workshops. This gives them vital inputs about sectors & industries and also makes them more aware individuals. Preparing resumes & handling interviews is a challenge that is omnipresent in anyone’s corporate life. Career Advisory Services help students grasp the tenets that are important in building robust CVs as also in tackling all types of interview questions.

Career Advisory Services will help empaneled educational setups to bridge the gap between the two worlds of academia & of industry. The trainers & mentors work hard to bring students at par with industry expectations, thereby charting their successful career paths. Students under the tutelage of their trainers & mentors learn how to adapt to varying work cultures & become more flexible in their outlook towards life and work.