Graduate Management Trainee Program

The Graduate Management Trainee Program (GMTP), is a specialized short-term certification designed to make young graduates employable by bridging the gap between the learnings of college education and the skill requirements of business corporations nationally as well as across the world.

The program focuses on developing management skills, imparting sector-specific technical knowledge and shaping the overall personality of program participants to transform human resources into employable human capital. The key to program success lies in the experiential learning techniques adopted to impart impactful training through industry expert lectures, role playing workshops and interactive training activities organized to accelerate the learning curve.

GMTP curriculum covering industry best-practices is regularly updated to stay attuned to the emerging trends, and employs an efficacious training pedagogy focusing on five essential skills:

Management Skills

Management Skills for learning how to effectively plan, organize and coordinate available resources and executing work to help position for a successful career across role profiles.

Technical Skills

Technical Skills for learning the abilities and knowledge needed to perform specific tasks for the role profile in the chosen sector to build industry knowledge, work efficiency and thereby become a valuable candidate for employment.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills for shaping overall personality and presentation by learning industry-specific behavioural requirements as well as the skills to improve communication, time-management, business etiquette, grooming and life skills.

Employability Skills

Employability Skills for integrating technical knowledge with soft skills, thereby creating 'market-ready' professionals with a high employability index through series of sector-specific workshops on corporate expectations, resume building, industry watch, employability assessment, simulated interviews & group-discussions.

Application Skills

Application Skills for experiential learning of sector-specific knowledge and skills through industry visits, on-job training/internships to augment employability skills and develop expertise distinctive to a role-profile.

Program Structure

The Graduate Management Trainee Program consists of alternating quarters of in-class pedagogy and on-job sector-specific industry training followed by placement opportunities with leading national and international corporations.

The in-class learnings begin with a series of sessions for employability assessment followed by rigorous teaching through interactive sessions, role playing workshops and expert sessions on the best practices to impart skills related to business management, technical know-how and personality development.

The in-class quarter is followed by a guided three-month on-job training to build on the knowledge and skills followed by performance evaluation across various parameters. Successful participants are put through multiple interviews with corporate partners to facilitate their ready absorption in the industry.

Sector Specialization

Gainful employment and career growth requires graduates to be equipped with the knowledge and skills specific to job-profile in an industry because higher education is not sufficient to compete in a highly dynamic and competitive employment market. The key to success lies in sector specialization. Acquiring sector and role-specific knowledge and business skills through a guided short-term orientation program is not only relatively easy but also the fastest way to become employable and jump-start a career.

The Graduate Management Trainee Program (GMTP) is designed around eight industry-specific professional learning programs to assist participants assimilate knowledge and skills for the chosen sector and ensure employment at the successful completion of the program.

The Center of Excellence, through several industry sessions at the commencement of the program, provides an opportunity to program participants to explore fitment in various sectors as well as within a specific role-profile prior to finalizing on the sectoral specialization through mutual consent.

Program Highlights

100% Placement Support

Extensive network of 500+ corporations across a wide spectrum of business verticals

Short-Term Customized Program

Six-month program focused on developing critical "employability skills" & practical applications offering a wide spectrum of elective modules along with additional certification choices

Personality Development

Development of overall personality, communication skill and grooming as integral components

Promising Career Path

Rewarding career in leading organizations from the fastest growing industries and business sectors